Growler Policy

  • Growler Policy

    **Updated Growler Return Policy** A new policy gives the ability to "return" your growlers in exchange for fresh and clean glass! So, here's how it works:

    • Order The Livery beer to-go via our online menu:
    • Select "I Have A Growler Return" and enter the quantity of growlers that you will be returning. This will be credited to your order once completed! (See picture!)
    • Give us a call when you arrive curbside, and we will bring your order out, for a touch-free exchange! 269-925-8760
    • Enjoy our hand-forged beer safely and securely in your own home! Cheers!

    The Livery currently sells and fills our own 64 oz. growlers, 32 oz. howlers, and 16 oz. prowlers.  Lastly, we do not fill growlers or howlers from our nitro taps. 

    Please find pricing below:
    • The Livery growler glass: $6
    • The Livery howler glass: $3
    • Regular rotation fills: $14 growler, $8 howler
    • Specialty fills: $25 growler, $13 howler
    • Barrel-Aged fills (subject to availability): priced according to ounce