The Appleseed Collective

9:00 pm

November 14, 2014

$8 – 8:30 pm doors/9:00 pm show

Mix the Hot Club of Paris with the sweaty soul of Dixieland, a couple blades of bluegrass, a pinch of ragtime beat, and a western swinging swagger and you’ve just conjured the sound of The Appleseed Collective. Over the past few years, the band has put the pedal to the metal touring the country in support of their 2012 album, Baby to Beast and their newly released Young Love (January 2014).

Formed in 2010, The Appleseed Collective has become a force of nature driven by their local community and developed by a strong sense of do-it-yourself drive. In an age of corporations and climate change, the band’s commitment to buying & selling local, eating from gardens, and being their own bosses has led to the kind of success that feels simply organic.

The newly released album Young Love features songs written by Brown, Lee, and Smith, as is true to the band’s collective nature. The album was tracked almost entirely live, a testament to how the group has developed as a unit. Like a vintage merlot, the songwriting on Young Love has developed stronger, deeper flavors–the feeling of being truly alone is coupled with the understanding that there is no perfect love; the idea that opposites attract is enhanced by the feeling of being so overwhelmingly happy you become sad. Listeners learn that there is no genre boundary that cannot be crossed, that acoustic instruments are not restrictive, but instead capable of speaking every language. Learning to work together is almost as important as learning the feeling of being torn apart as the band pushes and pulls, stretches and compacts into every space created by the diverse song structures. From Andrews Sisters’-esque harmonies to rapid bluegrass changes to bossa nova-turned-psychedelia, Young Love is the exploration of old souls stuck in young bodies, each yearning to share some kind of felt experience.