Shiny Shiny Black

9:00 pm

June 17, 2017

9 PM – FREE admission

Shiny Shiny Black reaches into the dark, hands out, searching for the lyric and tone to shed light on thoughts that haunt. Their musical grip holds you in place while words find the vulnerable target of your heart. The talent of this Americana roots music with lyrical poetry is hard at work to launch it from a regional act to a must-see national performance.

Travelers, Shiny Shiny Black’s debut full-length album, launched April 2014, on Record Store Day. Their first studio album took aim at classic guitar tones (Brian Setzer, Luke Doucet, Tom Petty) and indie rock sensibilities (Wilco, The Black Keys). Determination and grace are visible in their over 100 live performances of original music since 2012 throughout the Midwest region. After releasing a collection of live recordings in December of 2015, the band is following up with Wild Edges, an EP of five originals and one traditional tune slated to release September 23, 2016.

Fronting the band is Nathan Butler, who leads the way on songwriting. This veteran musician spent many seasons as a drummer backing great songwriters like Jonathan Reuel and Trent Wagler (The Steel Wheels) before grabbing a guitar and stepping up to the microphone. Lessons learned from working with these artists (among many others) shaped his melodic sense, lyrical qualities and arrangement chops. Ably handling low-end duties, backing vocals and a variety of instruments is Butler’s wife bass guitarist/vocalist Amber Butler, who rejoins Butler from previous band JRL.

From their skills, creativity, and Midwestern work ethic emerge the sounds and soul of Shiny Shiny Black. You can expect carefully crafted songs, high energy performances, plenty of on-stage banter, and an experience that is simultaneously fun and transcendent.