Char Jones & Friends – “Holiday Magic”

8:00 pm

December 16, 2017

$8 –  7:30pm doors/8pm show


Char Jones and Friends….Holiday Magic. Holiday, original, and familiar favorites will be performed by Char and friends.

“Music has always been my passion. From a young age I sang in the choir at my dad’s church. I began taking private piano lessons at age eight. I would practice the written music, but I always wanted to play it and sing it my own way. I became to Church Pianist/Music Director at age 13. I studied music at the Mercyhurst College, D’Angelo School of Music in Erie, PA. That was an awesome experience in many ways. My parents were my biggest supporters. They always encouraged me to find my own musical voice. To be authentic. Even though they are gone, their love transcends space and time.
I have travelled throughout the Midwest sharing my love of music. I love singing. I am a lover of all music and that is evident in my writing. Some days I am jazz inspired, other days you may get some classic rock, r&b and I always love to get down to the heart and soul of the matter. I work closely with my youngest brother William ‘Lil Will’ Jones, who is my drummer. His creativity on the drums make it easy to slip from one genre to the other. Music has always been a source of healing for me. I am truly thankful to God for allowing me to share it.
Simply stated, my musical door is wide open. My music has no rhyme nor reason…it just is. Music from the heart and soul of me to you.”