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11th Anniversary Tap List (August 19-21st)

Updated: 8/19/16

Barrel Aged Series

  • 11th Anniversary Firkins

    Friday, August 19th 5:15 PM - "Whole Lotta Rosie" - See-Saw (our Belgian Wit) with Black Raspberries and Rosemary!
    Saturday, August 20th 11:30 AM - "Mimosa Jaune" - Barrel Aged Maillot Jaune (Sour/Oak Aged Biere de Garde) with Orange and Orange Peel!
    Saturday, August 20th - 2:30 PM - "McGilligan's Island" - McGilligan's (our flagship IPA) with Coconut, Pineapple and Lime!
    Saturday, August 20th - 5 PM - "Maillot Noir" - Barrel Aged Maillot Jaune (Sour/Oak Aged Biere de Garde) with Black Raspberries!

  • $9.00
    Bourbon Barrel Aged Love Pump

    Imperial Stout - 14% ABV - This is our "Love Pump" Imperial Stout that spent 11 months in fresh Four Roses bourbon barrels. Providing notes of roasty malts, bold treacle and chocolate, this beer moves into the perfect barrel finish that will send your palate into a frenzy!  *Barrel Aged Series, served as a 10 oz. pour

  • $9.00
    Bourbon Barrel Aged Wee Heavy

    Scotch Ale - 12% ABV - This is our Wee Heavy that spent nearly a year in fresh Four Roses bourbon barrels. Rich notes of toffee and vanilla couple with a light smoke brings forth deep roast, wet oak and a warm, yet smooth bourbon finish.  *Barrel-Aged Series, served as a 10 oz. pour

  • $10.00
    Hurricane Deck

    Sour/Oak Aged Belgian IPA with Apricots and Mango - 8% ABV - A brand new beer for our 11th Anniversary, Hurricane Deck takes a new twist with a tropical fruit sweetness that is balanced by a slightly tart and completely wild finish! Cheers! *Barrel-Aged Series, served as a 10 oz. pour

  • $10.00
    Comfortably Plum

    Sour/Oak Aged Dark Lager with Plums- 9% ABV - We have an extremely unique beer in this bold, dark lager that was aged in oak barrels for nearly a year. After a secondary fermentation with plums, we have created a rich and complex wild lager! Notes of wet oak, vanilla, caramel...and of, course a delightfully tart plum note!  (If you feel like singing while drinking this at our bar, we welcome it!)  *Barrel-Aged Series, served as a 10 oz. pour

  • $6.00
    I Ain't Afraid of No Gose

    Sour/Oak Aged Dark Wheat Gose - 5.5% ABV - This is a non-traditional take on the Gose style. A medium bodied dark wheat gives a rounded mouthfeel to sweet/sour/salty harmony.  *Barrel-Aged Series, served as a 13 oz. pour

  • $11.00

    Sour/Oak Aged Belgian Amber with Cherries - 10% ABV - Aged for a year with 100 pounds of tart and sweet Michigan cherries per barrel. Tart, full-bodied with a semi-dry finish. This will leave your mouth watering!  *Barrel-Aged Series, served as a 10 oz. pour

  • $10.00
    Slow Peach

    Sour/Wild Ale - 7.3% ABV - This sour Belgian IPA was aged in oak with peaches! Dry, funky notes coupled with a medium bodied sweetness from the peaches helps usher in the semi-dry, semi-bitter finish of oak.   *Barrel-Aged Series, served as a 10 oz. pour

  • 20150308_211445
    Maillot Rouge

    Sour/Wild Bier de Garde- 8.5% ABV  - This is our Bier de Garde, aged in oak barrels with wild yeasts and MI raspberries!  *Barrel-Aged Series, served as a 10 oz. pour

  • $8.00
    Barrel Aged Maillot Jaune

    Bier de Garde - 8%ABV - This is our Bier de Garde, aged in white wine oak barrels. Additions of Brettanomyces and Lactobacillus give this light bodied beer gentle touches of tartness and funk! Served as a 10 oz. pour     *Barrel Aged Series      

Specialty Beers

  • $6.00

    Double IPA - 8.6% ABV - We wanted to create a new beer for all you hop heads out there. So, we took our favorite hops (Citra, Amarillo and Galaxy) and forged this dank and juicy Double IPA! Notes of peaches, mango, lemon peel and grapefruit move into a nicely balanced bitter finish!  *Specialty Beer, served as a 13 oz. pour 

  • $7.00
    11th Anniversary Ale

    Strong Belgian Golden Ale with Coffee - 11.25% ABV - We pulled no punches here as we created a HUGE Golden Ale that provides that sweet, malty goodness...and then we cranked it up by adding a massive amount of coffee! Raise a glass and toast to 11 years!  *Specialty Beer, served as a 10 oz. pour 

Regular Rotation

  • IMAG0749
    SMaSH Tomahawk

    Pale Ale - 7.2% ABV - Another Edition to our single-malt, single-hop series! This one is incredibly smooth with earthy/floral notes coupling with a light malt sweetness.

  • 20160718_151044
    Summer Moonlight

    Dry Irish Stout - 5.4% ABV - Notes of espresso, cocoa and and earthy backbone couple with a nice malt sweetness to make this beer an easy drinking for those Summer nights when you just want to unwind and have a few!  *On Nitro and Hand Pull! 

  • 20160615_104132
    Silver Queen

    Helles Lager - Silver Queen is brewed with 100% spring water from the historic Eastman Springs, located here in Benton Harbor at Mary’s City of David . North American malts and North American hops blend to create a truly drinkable light lager.

  • $4.75
    Butterfly Effect

    White IPA - 6%ABV - A juicy White IPA brewed with malted wheat, sweet orange peel and coriander. Dangerously drinkable!  **On Nitro!!

  • 20150322_190125

    American IPA - 6.7%ABV - Our house IPA. Big hop presence by design, with notes of citrus & pine that is balanced by a solid malt bill.