On Tap

Updated: 4/22/15

Barrel Aged Series

  • $6.00
    I Ain't Afraid of No Gose

    Gose - 6% ABV - Our Gose inspired Wild Ale. Made with Blood Oranges And Clementines. Sour, salty, spicy, sweet!  *Barrel Aged Series, served as a 10 oz. pour*    

  • 20150308_211445
    Maillot Rouge

    Sour/Wild Bier de Garde- 7.25% ABV - 2015 vintage - This is our Bier de Garde, aged in oak barrels with wild yeasts and MI raspberries!  *Barrel-Aged Series, served as a 10 oz. pour

  • $9.50
    Bourbon Barrel Aged Liverator

    Dopplebock- 11%ABV - This is our Doppelbock, aged for 10 months in Heaven Hill barrels. Liquid candy!  *Barrel Aged Series, served as a 10 oz. pour*

  • $8.00
    Barrel Aged Maillot Jaune

    Bier de Garde - 6%ABV - This is our Bier de Garde, aged in white wine oak barrels from our friends at Tabor Hill for 1 year. Additions of Brettanomyces and Lactobacillus give this light bodied beer gentle touches of tartness and funk! Served as a 10 oz. pour     *Barrel Aged Series      

Specialty Beers

  • 20150210_143233
    St. Valentine's Day Massacre

    Wild/Sour Ale - 6% ABV - A sour Belgian dark wit aged on blood oranges. Aromas of blood orange with hints of peppercorn. Flavor is orange juice and orange peel with peppercorn and spice balanced by bread notes and a slightly sour finish.  *Specialty beer, served as a 13 oz. pour

  • $6.00
    Love Pump

    Imperial Stout - 9.3% ABV - Dark, roasted stout made black treacle and crystal rye malt.   *Specialty beer, served as a 10 oz. pour

  • 20150322_221752
    Wee Heavy

    Scotch Ale - 9.0%ABV - Loaded with carmalized malts and hints of smoke. Don't let this beer fool you, it packs a punch! Served as a 13 oz. pour.       *Specialty Beer, served as 13 oz. pour 

  • IMG_9562
    Polar Vortex

    Maibock - 9.6%ABV - Our Imperial Maibock-style Lager. Malt-forward, golden in appearance and sweetens as it warms!   *Specialty Beer, served as a 13 oz. pour

Regular Rotation

  • photo(1)
    SMaSH Ahtanum

    Single malt and single hop Pale Ale - 6.6 % ABV - Featuring the Ahtanum hop! Earthy, floral with notes of grapefruit and pine, this beer finishes with a moderate bitterness.

  • $4.50
    Maillot Jaune

    Bier de Garde - 7.2% ABV - This is our Biere de Garde, before it hits the barrels. Sweet esters coupled with a light body and balanced hop profile. Perfect for spring sipping!

  • $4.50
    Rusty Ale

    Strong Irish Red Ale - 6.7% ABV - Notes chocolate, roast and sweet malt, balanced by an assertive hop profile.  *On Nitro!!  Sorry, no growler fills from the Nitro tap**

  • 20150406_162654
    Ludicrous Speed

    Schwarzbier - 6% ABV - Light roast, anise, vanilla and malted chocolate encapsulate the senses leading into a light bodied earthy spice with more chocolate and roast accents. "Ah, buckle this!.....We've gone plaid!"

  • $4.50
    The Broheim

    Bohemian Pilsner - 6.4%ABV - We had a little fun in naming this one....probably stemming from a late-night think-tank in the Bier Garden! This is our take on a Bohemian Pilsner. Pours a bright golden-straw color with a fine white head. Sweet aromas, coupled with light earthy hops meld into a light floral flavor and crisp finish. Another refreshing offering that goes down smooth!

  • 20150322_190838
    Harbor Shores

    Amber Ale - 4.9%ABV - A nice balance of sweet malt and crisp hops. For those looking for an easy drinker!

  • $4.50
    53 Miles

    American Pale Ale - 5.5%ABV - A balanced Pale Ale brewed with Belgian malts and American Hops!

  • $4.50
    The Blacksmith

    American Stout - 6.4%ABV - Traditional in style but with a modern twist in the form of a Fuggle dry-hop.  *On nitro, no growler fills

  • 20150322_190125

    American IPA - 6.6%ABV - Our house IPA. Big hop presence by design, with notes of citrus & pine that is balanced by a solid malt bill.