On Tap

Updated: 5/26/15

Barrel Aged Series

  • 20150424_224552
    I Ain't Afraid of No Gose

    Gose - 6% ABV - Our Gose inspired Wild Ale. Made with Blood Oranges And Clementines. Sour, salty, spicy, sweet!  *Barrel Aged Series, served as a 10 oz. pour*    

  • 20150222_184655
    Barrel Aged 5th Dimension

    Sour/Wild Ale-6.25% Oak-aged Sour Belgian IPA- We took our Belgian IPA , 5th Dimension, and aged it in oak barrels with wild yeasts for a funky dry-oak flavor!  *Barrel-Aged Series, served as a 10oz. pour

  • $9.00
    Bourbon Barrel Aged Batch 600

    12%ABV - Imperial Stout, aged for 9 months in Jim Beam barrels. This is a meal of a beer...loaded with chocolate notes, roasted malt and a nice kick of sweet bourbon and oak. *Barrel Aged Series, served as a 10 oz. pour*

  • $8.00
    Barrel Aged Maillot Jaune

    Bier de Garde - 6%ABV - This is our Bier de Garde, aged in white wine oak barrels from our friends at Tabor Hill for 1 year. Additions of Brettanomyces and Lactobacillus give this light bodied beer gentle touches of tartness and funk! Served as a 10 oz. pour     *Barrel Aged Series      

Specialty Beers

  • Dank Damnation

    Imperial Red Ale - 8.8% ABV - Batch 666 was named aptly so and features a red hue that you would expect from a beast like this! Bitter, bold and ominous in nature, this beer will have you soul searching! (Holy water sold separately!)  * Specialty beer, served as a 13 oz. pour

  • 20150322_221752
    Wee Heavy

    Scotch Ale - 9.0%ABV - Loaded with carmalized malts and hints of smoke. Don't let this beer fool you, it packs a punch! Served as a 13 oz. pour.       *Specialty Beer, served as 13 oz. pour * On Nitro, no growler fills, sorry!

  • IMG_9562
    Polar Vortex

    Maibock - 9.6%ABV - Our Imperial Maibock-style Lager. Malt-forward, golden in appearance and sweetens as it warms!   *Specialty Beer, served as a 13 oz. pour

Regular Rotation

  • See-Saw

    Belgian Wit - 5.9% ABV - Our Belgian Wit Bier, fruity esters couple with notes of wheat in a hazed glass of goodness!

  • $4.50
    Tester 002

    Experimental IPA - 7.5% ABV - "Testing, testing, 1, 2....." We've worked up some new hop combinations for this IPA. Notes of citrus along with a solid malt backbone give this beer enough balance to counter the assertive bitter finish.

  • $4.50
    Maillot Jaune

    Bier de Garde - 7.2% ABV - This is our Biere de Garde, before it hits the barrels. Sweet esters coupled with a light body and balanced hop profile. Perfect for spring sipping!

  • $4.50
    Rusty Ale

    Strong Irish Red Ale - 6.7% ABV - Notes chocolate, roast and sweet malt, balanced by an assertive hop profile.  *On Nitro!!  Sorry, no growler fills from the Nitro tap**

  • 20150406_162654
    Ludicrous Speed

    Schwarzbier - 6% ABV - Light roast, anise, vanilla and malted chocolate encapsulate the senses leading into a light bodied earthy spice with more chocolate and roast accents. "Ah, buckle this!.....We've gone plaid!"

  • 20150322_190838
    Harbor Shores

    Amber Ale - 4.9%ABV - A nice balance of sweet malt and crisp hops. For those looking for an easy drinker!

  • $4.50
    53 Miles

    American Pale Ale - 5.5%ABV - A balanced Pale Ale brewed with Belgian malts and American Hops!

  • $4.50
    The Blacksmith

    American Stout - 6.4%ABV - Traditional in style but with a modern twist in the form of a Fuggle dry-hop.  *On nitro, no growler fills

  • 20150322_190125

    American IPA - 6.6%ABV - Our house IPA. Big hop presence by design, with notes of citrus & pine that is balanced by a solid malt bill.