The Tumbleweed Jumpers

9:00 pm

May 26, 2018

9 PM – “Pay What You Want”!

Is it folk music with a little extra groove, or is it bluegrass music with righteous rock beats? Regardless of description, The Tumbleweed Jumpers are a bristling, roaring, dancing, skipping, jamming folk-rock-Americana monster full of infectious melodies.

 The Tumbleweed Jumpers’ repertoire features original songs about love and loss, violent weather patterns, and beasts both domestic and mythological. Their music is influenced by rock, blues, folk and bluegrass, modern twists on Irish and early American folk tunes, and rabble-rousing sea shanties. The Jumpers squeeze a plethora of instruments (and instrumentalists) onstage, including guitars, bass, drums, banjo, mandolin, ukulele, trombone, cajon, tin whistle, melodica, keyboard, bell kit, a length of heavy chain, and your grandma’s false teeth.

Headed by mega-instrumentalist and vocalist Scott Lehman, The Tumbleweed Jumpers are comprised of Ryan Miller (mandolin/fiddle), Mykayla Nielsen (trumpet, guitar, vocals), Logan Miller (electric, vocals), J.R. Jenkins (bass), and Ally Roskos (violin, vocals).

Mashing up traditional, modern, folk, rock and jazz means every song carries a slightly different feel, making The Tumbleweed Jumpers perhaps the true embodiment of the Americana spirit.