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8:30 pm

October 8, 2021

After a brief hiatus and a lineup change, The Sypian Family Band emerges refreshed and ready to rock our beer garden on Friday, October 8th!!

“Honor Cover” ($10 suggested admission)


Grab your friends, family, and anybody with half of a dance move, and let’s plan to boogie with our hometown “family” band!

The Sypian Family Band is: Leslie Sypian (Lead vocals, guitar), Nathan Sypian (guitar, vocals), Matt Sypian (drums), Dustin Lowe (bass), and Danny Dine (guitar, vocals). A close-knit group of family and long time friends who enjoy writing and performing original music. The Sypian Family Band has an eclectic sound with influences ranging from British Invasion to 90’s alternative and everything in between. Captivating live performances are this band’s trademark. Come and hear your new favorite songs!