The Smoking Flowers

9:00 pm

September 4, 2015

9pm – FREE!

Plato wrote “Rhythm and harmony find their way in the inward places of the soul.” The music of the soul should be steeped in a fiery, firmly held love, and the classic mingling of singing souls like Johnny and June Carter, Ike and Tina, and X’s John and Exene; they have become the voice of love for generations of music fans. Now there’s Nashville, Tennessee’s The Smoking Flowers, a band led by Kim and Scott Collins, married 14 years, vocalists and multi-instrumentalists who are just as red-hot soulful and sweet as those legendary duos; a duo that simply has a musical and relational love as strong as aged rare bourbon.
The Smoking Flowers fire up an East Nashville-based brand of rock, blues and country with a sweet flavor of Southern Gothic folk, all with a punk attitude. Their sophomore album 2 Guns will no doubt appeal to a large spectrum of fans when it hits the world this summer on August 6. The album was co-produced and engineered by Adam Landry, noted producer of Deer Tick, Middle Brother, and Diamond Rugs and former touring guitarist for Ray LaMontagne.