Urban Tropic

9:00 pm

July 28, 2017

From a diverse range of genres and rhythms incorporating folk, bluegrass, reggae, calypso, psychedelic, pop, and good old rock & roll, Urban Tropic’s upbeat sound emerges as a lush and vibrant blend of layers and rhythms as well as change of instruments from song to song.

9 PM – FREE admission!

A banjo may appear on one track, melodica, violin, or ukulele on the next. Laced with intricate guitar work and screaming solos, rich keyboards, tight harmonies, driving rhythms, and lead vocals both male and female from Jess, Josh, and Alex, Urban Tropic’s music sounds unique yet familiar at once.

Hailing from Columbus, OH, this band encapsulates the sound we love at The Livery and hope you will too!!