The Sypian Family Band & Friends!

9:00 pm

July 6, 2018

A night of friends, family, special guests….and The Sypian Family Band!!

$10 – 8:30pm doors/9pm show

Originally the Sypian Brothers Band, comprised of three brothers from Colorado who were born with music in their blood. As time went on, and things changed, (as they always do), people fell in love, found new careers, had children. But, with music so ingrained in their lives, these changes would not end the efforts of the Sypian family. With the addition of Leslie Rach as lead vocalist, and her eventual marriage to Nathan Sypian , the family and the band grew. While traversing the local music scene in St. Joe MI and the surrounding areas, they stumbled upon the guitar and vocal stylings of Danny Dine. Soon there after they collaborated and eventually “adopted” him into the family and the band. With the loss of our original bass player and brother Jared Sypian, due to a career change, (he’s doing very well by the way,) a void was created that needed filling. Through networking amongst the community of musicians in the area, they came in contact with the crazy good, and just plain crazy, bassisms of Mike Nelson. Alas the band was complete, though a name change was in order, due to the fact that the brothers in the band were now a minority. So, here they are now, one big happy Sypian Family Band!