Patty PerShayla & The Mayhaps

9:00 pm

July 31, 2021

Making their debut at The Livery, Patty PerShayla & The Mayhaps are ready to take our stage by storm!

9pm show – “Honor Cover” ($10 suggested admission)

Patty PerShayla & The Mayhaps pulled up to the Michigan music scene in a vintage van, well stocked with songs and stories but not seatbelts. Coming off her solo EP, Oracle Bones (winner of the WYCE Jammie Award for Best Rock/Pop Album of 2019), Patty brings the same sweet but powerful voice and whimsical lyricism bar, club, and brewery-goers throughout the state and beyond have come to know and love, cranked up to 11 with guitarist Lucas Powell and drummer Alec Klinefelter. Showing yet another side of her artistic versatility, Patty dons the bass guitar in this genre-bending power trio, boasting an eclectic and authentic sound with a strutting, stomping, crooning good time onstage.

Inspired by blues, classic, and progressive rock, the Mayhaps make a nostalgic introduction via analog tape on their debut record, Cheap Diction (to be released on June 15th, 2021). The title comes from the track “Apostrophe,” a self-commentary on the limitation of words and an ever-shrinking attention span. Social dynamics and power structures are explored throughout the album, using perspectives that range from political on “Borders,” to personal on “Real Problems,” or romantic on “Slo Mo.” Her lyrics being the centerpiece of the record, PerShayla delivers raw vocals that come through on the energetic and introspective songs alike, the band emphasizing the message through thoughtful arrangements and compelling guitar solos.

Though the internet is often a subject of scrutiny on Cheap Diction, the Mayhaps have honed their online presence through the COVID-19 pandemic, successfully crowdfunding their first music video for “Slo Mo” overnight on Kickstarter. Patty has made use of her time at home by writing weekly songs for a dedicated audience on Patreon, performing cover songs requested by patrons, and participating in She Shreds’ One Riff a Day (#1RAD) challenge on Instagram. While her Rush tribute side project is inactive, she continues to rack up views on her ukulele cover of “Closer to the Heart” on YouTube and study the music of her favorite power trio.