Dirty Deville

9:00 pm

April 21, 2018

9 PM show – “Pay What You Want”!

Formed in Ann Arbor, MI (2011), Dirty Deville is a progressive/psychedelic/post rock band that draws upon an eclectic lineup of musicians to create a unique sound.

“Such a Fool”  https://youtu.be/5tt5Ur9NpnQ
“Come All Lunatics” https://youtu.be/u58jn8uwfMc
Dirty Deville performs with an in-control, casual stage presence, projecting confidence and an aura of relaxed fun throughout their entire set”
Bluesy and rugged, Dirty Deville‘s full length release, Migrate, is a post-rock, psychedelic journey with exceptional guitar licks and lush bass runs, punctuated with sharp percussion and hints of dreamy synth. Smoky vocals soar over the arrangements with ease, layering harmonies and bringing dimension to their sound. Their vibe progresses throughout the album from fast-paced alternative to slow flowing psychedelic, giving you a jam-heavy finish that makes this listen even more epic.
 The CW 50 Detroit