Deep Fried Pickle Project wsg/ The New Switcheroo



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9:00 pm

January 23, 2016

$5 advance/$8 at door – 8:30 doors/9 PM show

These Pickle fellers have wobbled their magical musical gypsy medicine wagon from one end of this here country to t’other, with stops including LOLLAPALOOZA, WAKARUSA and TELLURIDE along the way.

What fanciful fuel powers this bubbling band of minstrels you say? Why, it is Pickle Power- the power to fabricate mutant musical instruments and sea shanties. The power to shatter a barfull of whisky glasses with sonic ferocity one night then serenade a giggling group of itty bitty kids the next

Armed with a Frankenststonian array of homemade monster instruments, their musical recipe is flavored with Jug Band, Hokum and Honkeytonk spices. You’ll relish the Pickles!

The New Switcharoo –

“We began as an 8-person project-oriented acoustic folk group comprised of multi-instrumentalists, singers, songwriters, and theatre artists with a deep love for the music we made and for each other, and with a sweet downhome sensibility.

Then we evolved, slimmed down, and plugged in. We still feature the sublime vocal harmonies layered over lush instrumental arrangements that create the rich sound you’ve come to know and love. The New Switcheroo will warm your insides, tickle your fancy, and rock you right out of your boots!”