Specialty and Barrel-aged


Style: Belgian Trippel – 12.00% ABV
Amber/Gold in color, this ale has a warming peppery note from the alcohol, spiciness from the hops, and a distinctive fruitiness from the Belgian yeast. Also available in a barrel aged version.


Style: Wheat Wine – 11.00% ABV
Named after the 6th sense, Umami is a hybrid ale with two different yeast strains and 40% wheat. Barrel aging gives it a sour counterpoint to the malt sweetness. Look for a barrel aged version with Stanley plums– Umae Umami!


Style: Amber Ale – 9.75% ABV
This beer is brewed with 100% Belgian malt and a blend of Czech, German, and English hops. It is then aged in an oak barrel and dry hopped.


Style: Dark Trippel Wheat Bock – ~12.50% ABV
Definitely the most complex beer coming out of our brewery, Ratebeer.com has rated this as the #1 Weizenbock in the world! Flavors of leather, fig, raisin, and a sweet finish from 33% wheat malt co-mingle with warm alcohol and noble hops for a truly unique beer experience! Also available barrel aged.


Style: Belgian IPA – 9.00% ABV
This unique IPA is made with Belgian malt and a blend of Czech, English, German, and American hops. Aged in Merlot casks for 5 months, then blended. Keep an eye out for a grand reserve release.


Style: Czech Doppelbock – 10.00% ABV
This copper colored lager is dry hopped in the secondary fermenter with a blend of Czech Saaz and Sterling hops. Also available barrel aged.


Style: Doppelbock – 10.00% ABV
Traditionally brewed by German monks to sustain themselves during Lent while they were fasting, This dark, rich, and malty beer has a hint of hops and a warming alcohol finish. Also available barrel aged.


Style: Imperial Pale Ale – 10.50% ABV
Double the Belgian Malt, double the Falconer’s Flight hops. Also available barrel aged.


Style: Belgian Ale – 12.00% ABV
A blended a Belgian Amber Ale with 90# of Michigan Red Haven peaches from a local Kalamazoo, MI Farm Market in a merlot cask. Two wild yeast fermentations later and yet another cask aging results in an exquisite sour peach ale.