Barrel Aged Series

  • 4th Annual "Funk Fest" Specialty Tap List!! April 13-14th, 2018

    Apricot Pineapple Spontaneous Combustion (Wild Ale with Apricot & Pineapple) - $7/13oz. 
    Blackberry Rhubarb Spontaneous Combustion (Wild Ale with Blackberry & Rhubarb) - $7/13oz.
    Slow Peach (Sour/Oak-Aged Belgian IPA with Peaches)  - $10/10oz.
    Mueuze 2018 (3 year blend of Maillot Jaune) - $11/10oz. 
    I Ain't Afraid of No Gose (Gose-inspired Ale) - $7/13oz. 
    Legend of the Sour Grapes (Wild Ale with Noirette grapes) - $7/13oz. 
    Maillot Violet (Maillot Jaune with Plum & Apricot) - $11/10oz. 
    --- Firkins- -- - -
    "Maillot Noir" (Maillot Jaune with Black Raspberry) (Friday at 5:15PM)
    "Kiwi Wong" (Mueuze with Kiwi) (Friday during our evening concert with Cory Wong & The Green Screen Band!)
    "Grapefruit Jaune" (Maillot Jaune with Grapefruit) (Saturday - 11 AM)
    "Blackberry Rhubarb Pie" (Blackberry Rhubarb Spontaneous Combustion with Graham Cracker, Cinnamon, Walnut and Vanilla Beans) (Saturday)
    "Kumquat Jaune" (Maillot Jaune with Kumquats) (Saturday)
    Bottle release - Saturday at 11am 
    Mueuze 2018 (3 year blend of Maillot Jaune) - $15
    Maillot Violet (Maillot Jaune with Plum & Apricot) -$15

  • $11.00
    Bourbon Barrel Aged Trippel Weizenbock

    Weizenbock - 17% ABV - This beauty of a beer is big, bold and balanced. Renowned for it's rich character and depth, this beer is a true sipper! Stacked with a hefty wheat bill that holds up the bouquet of toffee, caramel, dark fruit, fig, vanilla and oak! Aged in Four Roses barrels for 12 months, our 2016 vintage has joined our previous vintages in achieving the accolade of being the top-rated Weizenbock in the world!    *Barrel Aged Series, served as a 10 oz. pour